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Guest Writer Guidelines

     Thank you for your interest in writing for The Classicist with an Atlas blog. We're delighted that you'd like to contribute to our site and look forward to working together if possible. We welcome any ideas regarding travel, culture and society, or the Christian faith. Our readership is mainly under the age of 35 and based in the UK and the USA, and with the introduction of the Spanish version of the site in 2023, we are hoping that this will expand to include a lot more Spanish-speaking readers as well.


     Anyone is welcome to submit a request to guest-write, though please be aware that all topics will have to be mutually agreed upon. Dates for submission and publishing will also be mutually agreed upon in advance, with at least 48 hours between the submission and publishing dates to allow for editing and review. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer any payment for guest posts, but guest writers are welcome to include any relevant and appropriate links in their posts that have the potential to generate income for them, subject to approval. 

Before you submit a post, please read the following guidelines:*

  • Posts should be between 1,000 and 3,000 words long.

  • The language should be accessible, e.g. no academic jargon where possible, but equally no 'text language' or swear words. Colloquialisms are, however, acceptable in the right context.

  • Posts should be submitted on or before the agreed date to allow time for editing and review prior to publishing. Posts that are submitted late will still be published, but there may be a significant delay depending on any other posts that are already scheduled.

  • You are welcome to include any relevant and appropriate images or links in your post. When submitting, please also send an image for the post's cover photo and if it is your first post with us, a profile photo.

  • Please cite any sources you use - e.g. ideas you've gleaned from other sites or images that aren't yours. This can simply be done with a list of links at the bottom of the page, links embedded in the text, or in a separate document that can be uploaded at the bottom. You can do it in any way you wish but however you do it, we believe that honesty is important. 

  • All posts should be written in prose, i.e. not just a list of bullet points.

  • Posts should be submitted via email in the form of a Microsoft Word document or Google Docs file. Please use the phrase 'TCWA Guest Post' within the subject line.

  • For copyright reasons, please do not recycle content that you've used in other posts, either on your own blog site or in other guest-writer posts. The topics can be the same, but the content of your post should be different.

     After submission, all posts will be reviewed for correct spelling and grammar, readability, and general quality. We aim not to make any significant changes to guest posts unless absolutely necessary but if the need does arise, these changes will always be discussed with the guest writer prior to publishing. Should serious issues arise as a result of disagreements during the editing process, we reserve the right to not publish the post in question.

     Thank you for reading our guest writer guidelines, we hope to hear from you soon. Please feel free to get in touch with any proposals or questions via the form on the Contact page.


*Please note that we reserve the right to alter these guidelines at any point and without prior advertisement.

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